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House of Worship Lighting – concept of the team



For last 15 years we have teamed up with Grassby and Associates, supplying lighting design and collaboration on House of Worship Projects.   Our team of Associates can supply many different services which involve many disciplines for our clients.   On our team offers Lighting Design and installation, as well as State of the art Sound Systems , Audio Visual treatments, amazing acoustical treatments, Sanctuary Painting with Icons and symbols and devolving Stain Glass creations as well as weather proofing and resorting existing Stain Glass

All these are possible when you have a team of highly skilled and experienced players contributing to the final result.  This is a feature that we all bring to a Project with the team of Associates we have assembled.


We collectively share our design visions and work together to develop a solution that is a perfect as possible for the Church we are working with.  We approach each project as a separate solution which is totally devised for our Client’s needs and vision with sensitivity and on site research.

This is the age of specialization.  To do a wonderful high quality project it takes a team of expert professionals collaborating together under a group of team players who are concerned about the whole outcome not just their contribution.  This is the secret of our success.

We all get our say, we are all independent and as a group when we collaborate:  the result is greater than the whole.   The solutions are amazing and unique for every house of worship we endeavor to design.  This feature has given us a vehicle to design and develop truly incredible concepts and then the team of experts to install the work, program it and with high quality precision.


Part 2 , Features of our work.

Our lighting designs including , retrofitting existing Pendant Lanterns that are in the sanctuary to increase their efficiency ( which is usually a saving of 2/3 of the original  power draw , because LED  sources don’t emanate much heat is also decreases the air conditioning cost as well , because the AC does not have to cool the heat created by the antiquated light sources , this results in great electrical savings ) the color that can be added to the illumination, adds atmosphere to the sanctuary and can enhance ceiling treatments and make the artwork come alive.  We install Hi tech Led Warm White Led down lights and other tunable sources that we program to enhance the ceilings and walls near each pendant.  We find most congregations are attached to the fixtures that have been in the church since the days it opened, so we are about then only folks I know who will refurbish existing light fixtures.

We then look at the rest of the House of Worship and discuss with the those who bring us to the table their visions , critical elements important to their faith and then illuminate the Sanctuary platform accordingly take many details into concern.    We also look at the architecture and enhance features that give the space its signature and accent them.   The success of the work is the attention to detail!


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