Video Production

U-Snap Studios – Regina

U-Snap Studios is located in Regina Saskatchewan. It is a one of a kind photo studio that exists not to serve a single photographer, but as a venue for hire featuring rental spaces accessible to professionals and amateurs alike. There are 6 rooms ranging from small 10’x12’ studios to a large room for family pictures and larger “pro” room for those who want better light control.


Steve and Lynn came to us for help designing the lighting in their unique photography studio from the ground up. Their goals were to outfit their rental studios with everything to make their client’s photographs great: the props, the background, and the lighting gear. Everything had to be top quality to satisfy their professional clients, and simple enough that amateur photographers could easily achieve good results without using up their studio time to get it. Lighting devices also needed to be easily moved from studio to studio as circumstances required. Rigging in all the rooms was designed to accommodate repositioning the lighting and soft goods in a quick efficient manner.


We ended up outfitting the 3 largest rooms with full pipe grids, and the 3 smaller rooms with a ceiling mounted pipe perimeter. Some extra lengths of aluminum pipe and Light source “Mega” double swivel couplers help in positioning the lights exactly where they need to be.

For front light the Lowel PrimeLED 200s & 400s were chosen in Daylight balanced colour temperature, these were provided with a selection of accessories to maximize their flexibility. For backlight, colour, and backdrop lighting we chose the compact ETC Desire 22 Lustr fixture. Every room is equipped with a DMX console so that they can easily be adjusted to the color and intensity the photographer desires. Possible future upgrades include a couple ETC lustr2 ellipsoidal spotlights for situations requiring highly controlled light or the projection of gobos. The full colour mixing capabilities of those fixtures will be a huge asset to this facility.

We also helped them gear up with some studio necessities: Matthews C-stands and Apple-Boxes, green screen, black IFR velour masking drapes, drop hangers and gaffer’s tape. Two ETC Source Four Mini LEDs on datatrack highlight the entryway signage.

Many of U-snaps guests want to look their best so to help ensure they do we installed Acclaim Flex2-Interior LED tape in daylight c.t. around the makeup mirrors.  This allows people to check their appearance and touch up their makeup under the same colour temperature that they will be photographed in. Installed on an angle from 3 sides with a frosted lens, this light is soft and without shadows to ensure that everything is covered.


Much like lighting in general U-Snap studios has discovered that every situation is different and requires different things from its lights. The inter-changeability and consistency of the lighting from room to room has helped the studio meet the wide variety of requests their guests have.


U-Snap Studios clients have produced some fantastic pictures so far, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. See them on facebook @U-Snap Studios