Houses of Worship

St. Mary’s Church

Christie Lites Sales is pleased to display a recent lighting overhaul at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Lindsay Ontario. The project, which was a total refit was completed over an eight-month period in 2017. Working in concert with Church Painting Associates, we undertook this large project to revitalize a 155-year-old building, to the pleasure of Father Tom Lynch.

The project included meticulous timing, to ensure that lighting rough-ins were arranged and scheduled along with the painting team – to ensure the new hardware would seamlessly blend into the intricate ceiling murals. The result is a lighting installation that does not obstruct the beauty of the artistic painting.

The church look is fully controlled by non-technical church members – and is easily modified via iPad or iPhone to allow for changes from a brilliant soft white traditional setting (as seen in the photos) – to special event and seasonal themes.

Some notes about the system:

• All the congregation’s Pendant Lanterns were refurbished with new glass and internal components. The light output greatly increased, and power consumption greatly reduced with Led light sources with Color elements as well.

• Four Pendant Lanterns were constructed to match the existing Pendants to be hung in new positions to enhance transepts, choir loft, organist, and the front entrance vestibule.

• Due to the age of the building structure, as well as the sealed insulation, cable runs would have proven extremely intrusive – therefore the system was designed as entirely wireless.

• The installation is controlled by over 1600 DMX channels (allowing for great detailed specific output).

• Sixteen back lit pre-set buttons (placed in different locations throughout the church) allow for pre-programmed triggers.

• Small lighting sources are placed carefully throughout to highlight statues and religious artifacts and add accent and depth.

• The Alter has a front light relief of the last supper – this can be adjusted in brightness for different mass celebrations.